Do I Need Financial Advice?

Independent Financial Advisor

Do I Need Financial Advice?

Many people know where to turn when theyíre looking for independent financial advice. What can be trickier is knowing when you actually need it. Many people are managing increasingly complex financial affairs without the robust backup that unbiased financial advice can offer. In this article, weíll outline a number of situations where seeking financial advice makes sense and let you know where to look when you decide you need it.


This can be a touchy subject among even the closest families. As more and more young people struggle to get onto the housing ladder, parents are increasingly keen to help out in any way they can. In some cases, this will mean making use of the value of your property before you pass on, either through an arrangement like a lifetime mortgage or by downsizing and passing on a proportion of the money that comes your way. Whatever your situation is, this is a perfect time to seek advice from a local, independent financial advisor. Every situation is unique and off-the-shelf advice can often cause problems if youíre not completely sure it applies to your situation. Booking in some time with an advisor will help you to make the most of your money and give you the peace of mind that you are making the right choice.

Investments and pensions

Planning for retirement is becoming a more complex pension. The days of a final salary company pension are a thing of the past for most of us and that means that most people are having to take personal responsibility for their own retirement arrangements. Making the correct decisions is absolutely vital and could mean the difference between a long and comfortable retirement and having to work into your seventies and beyond. Whatever your circumstances, and however much money you already have in a pension fund, itís always good to have an expert look over your situation and give you bespoke advice about how to improve your situation. Thatís exactly what an independent and local financial advisor will be able to do for you. Book an appointment and take a little time to go over your arrangements. The peace of mind that this will give you could be invaluable. Of course, there are also all sorts of unique circumstances where speaking to an independent financial advisor makes sense. From divorces to lottery wins and everything in between, almost everybody can benefit from getting a little bit of expert help when it comes to managing their finances. Even if youíre not making any big decisions in the immediate future but just want to feel a little bit more confident and comfortable about the way that you are taking care of your money and preparing for the future, an hour with a local financial expert could well prove to be absolutely invaluable. Donít worry about the future alone, make things right for your family and yourself by contacting an independent financial advisor for a consultation.

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